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Different organisations have different connectivity needs. If you’re a corporation, smaller bank or investment manager, you may be looking for a cost-effective connection which allows you to connect to multiple partners in a consistent way. Naturally you want a high level of resiliency and availability – but you may also be looking for a connection which has a light footprint and minimal infrastructure to maintain.

Mid-sized to large customers, meanwhile, may require a connection that allows them to connect single or multiple destinations to SWIFT while automating system management tasks as fully as possible. As well as maximum resiliency and availability, you need a connection which can exchange high volumes of messages and files. You need a high level of straight through processing between your business applications and SWIFT – and you may also want the flexibility to support a multi-network structure for files and message processing.

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Your challenges

  • Reducing total cost of ownership of your on-premises solutions.
  • Ensuring resiliency and zero downtime for your customers.
  • Connecting to multiple banks via a single communication channel.

As a corporate, investment manager or smaller bank, you may connect to numerous banks using a variety of individual connections, resulting in inefficiency and high costs. You may also have limited IT resources.

As a mid-sized or large customer, your clients demand low running costs and maintenance requirements. Clients also want to minimise the impact of infrastructure failures on their businesses – making continuity solutions a high priority.

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging

FIN and InterAct

FIN allows the secure and reliable exchange of MT financial messages. Our interactive messaging service, InterAct, is designed for XML-based messages.


Allowing for the secure and reliable transfer of files, FileAct is typically used to exchange batches of structured financial messages and large reports.


Using WebAccess, service providers can offer their customers a secure and reliable screen-based channel to access web applications and services.

Interfaces and Integration

Alliance Lite2

Alliance Lite2 enables direct access to financial institutions across the globe, providing the SWIFT services needed to transact via the SWIFT Community Cloud.

Alliance Messaging Hub

A highly customisable financial messaging platform, AMH is designed to enable straight through processing and multi-networking for financial institutions and market infrastructures around the world.

Alliance Access

Offering high performance and resilience, Alliance Access enables banks and market infrastructures to send and receive financial messages via SWIFT.

Compliance and Shared Services

KYC Registry

Helping financial institutions address the challenge of timely and cost-effective counterparty due diligence, KYC Registry provides access to a standard set of documents and data.

Sanctions Screening

Sanctions Screening enables you to screen your transactions against sanctions lists in a cost-effective way, without needing to install and maintain your own sanctions filters.



We provide dedicated SWIFT interfaces and technical training courses.



Helping drive understanding of market practice recommendations, MyStandards is an industry repository of specifications.

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