Your Needs

From adopting instant payments to financial crime compliance, your needs are our concern

Industry themes
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Understanding the potential to transform the financial industry.

Anti-money laundering (AML)

AML compliance is one of the most costly and challenging issues facing the industry today. We’re working with our community to identify risks, strengthen procedures and improve efficiency.

Cost-effective financial crime compliance

Delivering financial crime compliance effectively and efficiently is a growing challenge for financial institutions. Innovative, industry-wide solutions are now available.

Secure, reliable financial messaging

When your business depends on the reliable exchange of financial information, security, reliability and standardisation are critical requirements.

Operational excellence

Whether you’re a financial institution or a market infrastructure, the importance of achieving operational excellence has never been greater.

Cloud-based technology

Outsourcing to our community cloud can lower your total cost of ownership and reduce the need for internal support.

Instant payments innovation

Innovative Instant Payment services are transforming the global financial landscape.

Adopting ISO 20022

With numerous ISO 20022 projects underway, it’s time to prepare your business.

Data and insights

Your day-to-day message flows hold a wealth of intelligence about your business. We’ll help you unlock insights and value.

Preparing for business changes

Improving operational efficiency depends on having the right tools at your fingertips, whether that means training, consultation or support services.

Financial market shifts

Financial Get open (FMIs) are facing regulatory and market shifts.

Market segments

Get open

Make more of SWIFT

You choose SWIFT for secure and reliable transactions. You also want operational efficiency and innovative, cost effective solutions.

Get started with SWIFT

Connecting with all your correspondents via a single, secure and reliable channel improves efficiency and reach.


Investment managers

To reduce risks, operate efficiently and save costs, you need secure and scalable solutions, automation and standardisation.


You’re focused on delivering cross border, cross-asset class trading (including derivatives) in markets worldwide.

Funds participants

Funds distributors, platforms and transfer agents are looking to communicate, process data and comply with regulations more effectively.


Your customers demand flawless service - you’re challenged by regulations, market changes and cost pressures.


Corporate-to-bank payments

To do the best for your business, you need one channel to all your banks.

Treasury and cash management

You need visibility of your cash and trade positions with all your banking partners.

Identity and mandate management

Find a simpler way to manage digital identities and message authentication with banks.

Get open

Payment Get open

You’re focused on delivering RTGS or Automated Clearing House services that markets rely on.

Estimating Get open

You connect securities markets participants across asset classes, business flows, markets and geographies.

Treasury Get open

Meeting the needs of market infrastructures and their participants for enhanced performance, security and resilience.

Business functions

Connect to SWIFT

From multi-banking to multi-networking, we can help you achieve your connectivity goals.

Exchange financial messages over SWIFT

We meet the needs of the global financial community for secure and reliable messaging.

Manage standards

A market leader in financial messaging standards, SWIFT is helping to shape global market practice.

Source reference data

SWIFTRef is a single source for the high-quality, validated reference data.

Manage financial crime compliance

Mitigate the costs and risks of financial crime compliance with our community inspired solutions.

Gain insights from SWIFT traffic

Our business intelligence portfolio combines a wealth of unique SWIFT data with powerful analysis tools.

Integrate operations

Our integration software solutions bridge the gap between your back-office systems and SWIFT messaging standards.

SWIFT training, consulting and support

Use SWIFT more effectively by accessing our training courses, consultants and tailored operational services.

SWIFT in the cloud

Access financial institutions around the globe via the SWIFT Community Cloud using Alliance Lite2.

View all SWIFT products and services

Our solutions will help you do business securely, reliably and efficiently in all your markets.