SWIFT Consulting Services

Industry expertise, tailored to your needs

Expert advice from trusted SWIFT professionals

Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, reduce costs or replace legacy systems, SWIFT consultants can design and build solutions to meet your business needs.

Technical Services

Our consultants can help you with all aspects of your project from reviewing your infrastructure resilience to implementing SWIFT software.

Integration Services

Solving your SWIFT integration challenges, our end-to-end service helps you migrate from legacy systems and manage changes to applications.

gpi Onboarding

Discover how SWIFT gpi onboarding specialists can support you to define the best approach according to your organisation’s individual requirements.

Standards Services

Understand how the standards landscape is changing and capture the benefits for your business with our expertise.

Business Operations

Everything from Compliance, Business Intelligence, and boosting STP rates, to analysing messaging flows, we help improve efficiency in your organisation.

Case studies

Real life case studies showing how SWIFT Consulting Services has helped different organisations rationalise their infrastructure, manage the Standards Release more efficiently, reduce costs and increase flexibility.

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SWIFT Services

Operational Services

Benefit from our wide range of Operational Services, from providing hands-on assistance to managing operations on your behalf.

Financial Crime Compliance

The challenge: Cutting the complexity and the cost of financial crime compliance. The solution: A portfolio of community-inspired, shared and managed services.