Business Intelligence to give you the edge

Targeted business analysis and insights, drawn from unique SWIFT data. For sharper, faster decision-making and improved performance

Our Business Intelligence portfolio lets you see your business more clearly

We’ve combined a wealth of unique SWIFT data with powerful analysis tools to bring you a rich portfolio of business analysis and market intelligence.

What's new

Find out what’s new in the BI portfolio and discover how you can leverage SWIFT Business Intelligence in a meaningful way to examine trends in payments, trade, securities and FX flows.

Business Intelligence (BI) for gpi

A portfolio of BI products and services to support your gpi business journey. Strengthen your gpi cross-border payments business through gpi Observer Analytics.

Watch Traffic

Analyse your group-wide SWIFT message volumes to understand your markets and operations. Use the intelligence to enhance operational efficiency.

Watch for Home

Access unique analysis and insights into your correspondent banking business through volume, value and currency analysis. Compare your performance against the market.

Watch for Estimating

Access all your domestic and cross-border asset servicing and settlement data in one place and benefit from powerful analysis and insights.


This on-premises, end-to-end business intelligence solution uses financial messaging data to deliver tailored analysis and insights for your business.

SWIFT Economics

Our suite of data-led market analysis is carefully designed to keep you informed and up-to-date on key business areas.

Business Intelligence Services

When you need greater focus and more granular data, we offer customised reporting, training and consultancy.

New interactive e-learnings available

Discover our new SWIFTSmart e-learning modules

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Business Intelligence

Understand your business

Your day-to-day message flows hold answers to important questions about your future business direction. Our data tools and expertise unlock the intelligence you need.