Retain focus on your core business

Whatever the nature of your business, cloud solutions can bring significant benefits.

As a financial institution, you might be looking to reduce the complexity of your on-premises operations and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). Or you may find that traditional  on-premises solutions are more complex or require more investment than you feel is necessary. In either case, cloud-based solutions can help lower costs, and simplify maintenance outside of your organisation.

SWIFT Community Cloud solutions combine  the attributes of SWIFT, with the benefits typical of cloud solutions – a lighter footprint and faster time to market. Offered to banks, corporates and investment managers, our Community Cloud solutions are tailored to your specific requirements.

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Your connection to the financial industry

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SWIFT community cloud services: enabling a win-win framework

SWIFT Cloud Solutions

Focus on your core business while SWIFT manages your infrastructure

Your challenges

  • Your single connection to the financial industry
  • Limit ownership, maintenance and IT costs
  • Reduce on-boarding time with your financial partners

Your organisation may use numerous communication channels to deal with multiple banking partners. SWIFT can offer you a single communication channel to multiple financial partners using cloud-based connectivity.

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging


InterAct carries your MX or ISO 20022 messages and XML structured data with the security and reliability you expect from SWIFT.


Allowing for the secure and reliable transfer of files, FileAct is typically used to exchange batches of structured financial messages and large reports.


Using WebAccess, service providers can offer their customers a secure and reliable screen-based channel to access web applications and services.

Interfaces and Integration

Alliance Lite2

Alliance Lite2 enables direct access to financial institutions across the globe, providing services via the SWIFT Community Cloud.

Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications

Using L2BA, you can combine the value of your business application with a connection to the financial industry.

Alliance Remote Gateway

Hosted and managed by SWIFT, ARG offers the simplest and most cost-effective connection to SWIFT from your Alliance Access or Alliance Entry interface.


Setup and support services

We offer turnkey set-up, migration set-up and peace of mind support, ensuring that your cloud services continue to meet your needs.


Helping you understand our cloud services in more detail, our training courses include Preparing for Alliance Lite2 and Understanding Alliance Lite2.

Integration services with SWIFT Integration Layer

Completing the connection between your back office and SWIFT, our SIL offering includes comprehensive consulting services, from systems analysis to go live.


  • Trusted supplier of SWIFT community cloud services
  • High emphasis on security and reliability
  • Multi-bank solutions

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