Unlock the intelligence in your data

There’s a wealth of intelligence and business value in your day-to-day message flows. We’ll help you to unlock it

Finding answers to the big questions

Every day, financial institutions ask themselves big questions:

  • How can we do better at managing costs and risks?
  • Are we responsive to customer requirements?
  • What factors should drive our strategy?
  • Are we meeting our regulatory obligations?

The answers lie in millions of day-to-day operations across your business - but understanding the value from complex organisational data can be difficult, due to business silos, incompatible systems, or lack of resources to dedicate to analysis.

We’ve invested in the technology and expertise to provide you with the insights you need, by analysing the unique message data sent and received over SWIFT, including:  

  • Insights into your correspondent network.
  • Your activity share in key markets or businesses.
  • Performance benchmarking against peer groups.    

With our Business Intelligence portfolio and Watch tools you can follow market trends and customise your data for specific needs. Providing you with insights to make the right business decisions.

Develop your cross-border payments with SWIFT insights

1 December 2015
16:30 CET
Webinar - BI for Financial Institutions

Business Intelligence for Trade Finance

12 May 2016
15:30 +08
Act faster, perform better – Business Intelligence in action for Trade Finance

Case Study - Standard Chartered

SWIFT’s Business Intelligence empowers greater accuracy and faster decisionmaking at Standard Chartered

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Watch Traffic: Monitor your operational performance

  • Traffic Analytics: what can your message data tell you?
  • Message Cost Analytics: drill into message costs and allocations
  • Billing Analytics: a global view of your SWIFT invoices

Would you like the hard facts about your operational performance? Watch Traffic analyses your message volumes, costs and billing data so you know exactly how efficient your business is, across branches and correspondents, in terms of straight-through processing and other key metrics. Filter the data to build a clear view of your markets and operations and compare it to aggregated SWIFT totals and benchmark against peer groups.

Our solutions

Compliance and Shared Services

Watch for Home

Watch for Home provides unique insights into your correspondent network by analysing your messages sent and received over SWIFT by volumes, values and currencies.

Watch for Estimating

Access all your domestic and cross-border asset servicing and settlement data in one place and benefit from powerful analysis and insights.

SWIFT Economics

Our data-led market analysis keeps you informed and up-to-date on key business areas, such as the growing importance of the Renminbi.

Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services

When your product and market analysis teams want to focus in more detail, we can build tailor-made analyses based on our unique SWIFT data and expertise.

Business Intelligence from SWIFT’s rich and unique data

  • Data available only from SWIFT
  • Unrivalled expertise and quality tools
  • A highly customisable service

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Unlock the intelligence in your data