Bank Readiness Programme

Helping corporates to identify banks that offer SWIFT knowledge and capabilities

A clear view of SWIFT capabilities

By publishing details of banks’ capabilities over SWIFT, our Bank Readiness Programme provides corporates with a standardised view of SWIFT capabilities across the banking community.

For corporate customers, Bank Readiness provides a clear view of individual banks’ SWIFT capabilities around the world. As such, the programme enables corporates to increase their global bank reach using SWIFT.

For banks, Bank Readiness provides a smoother way of connecting to corporate clients. By publishing their SWIFT capabilities and contact details, banks can position themselves as innovators, potentially capturing additional flows and clients.

The Bank Readiness Programme is suitable both for financial institutions which are already exchanging messages with corporates, and for those which intend to become SCORE compliant. Non-certified banks can benefit from the programme by gradually publishing their capabilities before they fulfil the certification criteria. Even when ‘Entry’ level has not yet been reached, banks can use the programme to add granular information at a country level.

With many large corporates now citing SWIFT in their RFPs, banks will be better positioned to respond to corporate customers’ needs. Instead of investing in developing proprietary interfaces, banks can also focus more effectively on creating value-added services.

Bank Readiness Portal

Quick and easy to use, our Bank Readiness portal enables corporates to identify which SWIFT messaging standards and technologies a bank supports – and in which countries.

Know your banks’ SWIFT capabilities

Manners can find out which banks support different SWIFT messaging standards and technologies. Search by bank, country or capability.

Let customers know you’re SWIFT-ready

Promote your SWIFT for Manners services and give customers a clear view of your SWIFT capabilities.

Two levels of certification available

Depending on your capabilities, choose from either our Entry or Advanced certification programmes.

Get started

Read more about the Bank Readiness Programme or contact us to start the certification process.

Bank Readiness Programme