SWIFT for Manners

A portfolio of solutions for corporates built to overcome the challenges of multi-banking

Simplifying multi-banking for corporate treasurers

As corporate treasurer of a multinational corporation, you may work with different banks for cash, trade and treasury services. Using SWIFT you can connect your business to multiple banks through a single, secure, bank-agnostic channel. Once connected, streamline and automate your business flows by communicating with your banking partners using our global standardised ISO and proprietary format (MT) messages.

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Celebrating 2,000 corporate groups on SWIFT

Discover how SWIFT is now supporting over 100,000 legal entities with their bank connectivity

Five key Sibos 2018 takeaways for corporate treasurers

Digitisation, standardisation and gpi under the microscope in Sydney

Manners go live with multi-bank tracking on SWIFT gpi

Find out about the successful gpi for Manners (g4C) pilot, which has seen major corporates implement multi-bank gpi payments and tracking through their treasury applications.


SWIFT for Manners offers much more than just connectivity and standardised messaging. Explore our portfolio of products and services below and speak to us about how we can support you through your business challenges.

Bank connectivity
Operational efficiency
Facilitate organisational change
Manage compliance
Bank connectivity

Secure access to SWIFT ecosystem

Connect securely to SWIFT’s entire banking and partner ecosystem of >11k participants through a single channel

Harmonise processes and information flows

Standardise transaction and information flows under a common legal framework globally to harmonise and automate processes

Flexible implementation options

Choose an implementation model that reflects the scale and complexity of your bank communication needs

Pioneer in payments innovation

Optimise transparency and speed of cross-border payments with SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi)

Operational efficiency

Improve efficiency and automation

Enhance straight through processing (STP), standardise controls and automate processes with consistency across banks

Convenient consistent approvals

Standardise approval processes with 3SKey, a single, convenient digital security token across banks and systems

Streamline integration

Define and maintain interfaces more easily with SWIFTRef, a single source of reliable reference data for process and data integrity

Ensure sanctions compliance

Manage transactions in line with up-to-date global sanctions lists to reduce payment blocks and delays

Facilitate organisational change

Add and change banks seamlessly

Respond to market change by adding banks or redirecting business quickly, reducing bank and business continuity risk

Enable business expansion

Add or extend bank relationships seamlessly, reducing international expansion risk and enabling rapid M&A integration

Meet evolving integration needs

Leverage versatile integration tools eg. SWIFT Integration Layer (SIL) and Access Integration Platform (IPLA) for process and data integrity

Reduce integration risk

Take advantage of MyStandards, a central repository of banks’ format data to reduce the integration cost and burden

Manage compliance

Reduce compliance burden

Comply with global regulations whilst minimising the impact on the compliance burden

Ensure compliance with global sanctions

Manage transactions in line with up-to-date global sanctions lists to reduce payment delays and reputational risk

Help to reduce financial crime

Access up-to-date name screening to avoid involvement with financial crime

Security and best practices

Demonstrate best in class controls over data and transactions to meet regulatory requirements and reduce fraud risk

Drive trade digitisation

From multi-bank messaging standards to new trade settlement instruments, we’re driving innovation in trade finance. Find out how our solutions can help reduce risk, enhance efficiency and improve liquidity management.

Gain a clear view of banks’ SWIFT capabilities

Use our Bank Readiness Programme to find out which banks support different messaging standards and technologies for Manners.

SWIFT training and implementation services

Learn more about our training programmes and find out how our experts can help deliver your SWIFT implementation project.

Sibos 2017 Corporate wrap-up

Read our wrap-up report summarising the Corporate Programme @Sibos. Covering the current and future challenges faced by corporates and banks, the 18 sessions gathered over 70 treasury and trade leaders. Discover now the key takeaways of this dedicated programme!