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SWIFT’s new Chief Security Officer takes part in BAE podcast

Karel De Kneef joins BAE expert to discuss the security challenges in financial markets

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SWIFT traffic hits record highs in 2018 as gpi uptake soars

An 11% year-on-year increase continues trend of strong growth


Customer Security Programme (CSP)

Reinforcing the security of the global banking system


SWIFT to open The KYC Registry to corporates

World-leading KYC registry to give banks vital KYC information on corporates


SWIFT to open gpi to e-commerce and DLT platforms

Initial proof of concept to connect gpi with blockchain enterprise software firm R3

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Double digit growth in SWIFT message volumes as gpi uptake soars

SWIFT’s figures show an average of 31.31 million messages a day in 2018 as its annual traffic rose to an all-time high of over 7.8 billion. This marks an 11.3% increase on 2017 – and a 56% increase over the last five years.


SWIFT publishes new ‘Pay Later’ API standard

New API standard will drive uptake of innovative instant loan approval process, increasing payment and borrowing choices for consumers


SWIFT gpi breaks 50% barrier

Less than two years since launch, gpi captures over half of cross-border SWIFT flows

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SWIFT announces CEO transition

Transition timed to ensure smooth changeover


SWIFT pilots integrated payment validation service as gpi captures more than 50% of payment volumes

14 major banks join pre-validation pilot focused on error detection


First banks go live on TIPS using SWIFTNet Instant

SWIFT announced today the successful implementation of its messaging service for TIPS - TARGET Instant Payment Settlement.


SWIFT goes live with instant payments solution for RT1

Direct access to EBA CLEARING’s RT1 with SWIFTNet Instant offers customers the ability to execute instant payments anywhere within the Single Euro Payments Area


New Report Reveals How Cyber Attackers Could Target the World’s Financial Markets

The cyber threats faced by key financial markets across the world have been exposed by a new report published today by BAE Systems and SWIFT.

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