SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi)

Cross-border payments, transformed.

Cross-border payments, transformed

SWIFT gpi is unrivalled in global payments. No other service can securely deliver hundreds of billions of dollars in payments around the world – timed in seconds.

Unmatched in scale, more than 160 global banks are offering their customers high-speed cross-border payments – tracked from start to finish.

Trust us to deliver your global payments – join SWIFT gpi today.

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An unrivalled offer for all markets


Transform your customers’ cross-border payment experience and reduce your costs.

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Pay for your international goods and services in minutes or seconds and track your payments.

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Market infrastructures

Enable your community to take full advantage of SWIFT gpi.

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Benefit from SWIFT gpi

Fast payments

Fast payments

Credit your international beneficiaries in minutes or even seconds.

End-to-end tracking

End-to-end tracking

Track your payments from end-to-end in real-time, like a parcel.

Fee transparency

Fee & FX transparency

Transparency over bank fees charged & FX rates applied

Unaltered remittance info

remittance info

Be sure your remittance data will remain unaltered when payments arrive.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Reduce your enquiry costs by as much as 50% by tracing payments in real-time.

Optimise liquidity

Optimise liquidity

Full visibility on your international payments allows you to optimize your liquidity.

Easy to implement

Easy to implement

Leverage your current SWIFT setup and go-live on gpi in as little as 3 months.

Credit confirmations

Credit confirmations

Get a credit confirmation message as soon as your beneficiary has been paid.

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SWIFT gpi in numbers

USD 100 billion+ are being sent
every day using SWIFT gpi
gpi payments are being sent over
220 international country corridors and
new corridors are opening every day
160+ financial institutions around
the world have already signed up
to SWIFT gpi
Banks’ enquiry-related costs are
reduced by as much as 50% as gpi
payments are faster and fully traceable
Nearly 50% of SWIFT gpi payments
are credited to end beneficiaries in
less than 30 minutes
50+ payment market infrastructures
are already exchanging gpi payments,
enabling domestic exchange and tracking

What's new in gpi

Get up-to-date on the latest from gpi

SWIFT gpi is rapidly evolving. We announced in February that the service has reduced cross-border payment times to minutes or seconds.

And, in March, SWIFT confirmed that from November this year the gpi Tracker will be extended to all payment messages carried between all 11,000 customers on SWIFT more than 200 countries and territories.

The latest gpi insights


Deutsche Bank joins the group of 30+ banks actively using SWIFT gpi

Deutsche Bank’s latest report on SWIFT gpi demonstrates the power behind the service.
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SWIFT introduces universal real-time payment tracking

gpi Tracker extended to all payment messages.

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SWIFT gpi Day Dubai – a deep dive into the future of cross border payments

On 6 March, 2018, representatives from more than 150 financial institutions and corporates from across the Middle East gathered in Dubai to discuss how SWIFT’s global payment innovation (gpi) service is transforming the world of cross-border payments.
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