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What is the SWIFT Partner Programme?

Our Partner Programme helps SWIFT customers to make well-informed purchasing and implementation decisions, and providers to differentiate their offerings in a crowded market place.

The partner framework covers two programmes:

Our Community Programme

Providers of applications and services that are used across our community are invited to register with us. Registered providers receive a range of benefits, including the opportunity to apply for SWIFT certification of their applications and specialist services.

The SWIFT Certified programme checks compliance with relevant quality criteria and standards. This helps SWIFT customers to make well-informed purchasing and implementation decisions. For providers, the SWIFT Certified label enables them to differentiate their offering in a crowded marketplace.

The certification of service bureaux and interface vendors helps our customers select the most reliable and secure SWIFT connectivity and messaging interface providers.

The SWIFT Shared Infrastructure programme for service bureaux defines certification eligibility criteria, which enable service bureaux to demonstrate that they meet high security and reliability standards.

We also certify companies that develop SWIFT interfaces to ensure that the interface products meet our interoperability requirements.

Our Commercial Programme

In specific regions and market segments, we partner with a select group of Business Partners and Application Partners to complement the SWIFT portfolio and further commercial objectives.

Join the programme

Providers: Find out more about the SWIFT Partner Programme and register to get access to certification opportunities and other benefits.

Find SWIFT Certified Applications / Specialists

Customers: Looking for a SWIFT-compatible solution? Here you can find certified applications and specialists to help your business.

Find SWIFT Commercial Partners

Our Business Partners act on SWIFT’s behalf to provide tailored, expert commercial support to specific customer groups in key markets.

Shared infrastructure programme for service bureaux

Our Shared Infrastructure Programme governs Service Bureaux by defining minimum operational criteria and skills related requirements. Learn more about the service bureaux that meet our programme requirements.

Certified Interface Programme

Our certified interface programme verifies that SWIFT interfaces developed by partners and customers meet rigorous interoperability requirements.

Document centre

Find all the documents related to the SWIFT Partner Programme.

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