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Innotribe, a network of FinTech experts

Through global events and research initiatives, Innotribe brings together innovators and investors from leading financial institutions worldwide to identify, develop, and implement transformational innovations.

Since 2011, the Startup Challenge has connected the financial services industry with more than 650 FinTech startups. While supporting community engagement, it has also enabled us to stay abreast of current innovation activity. All year-round, showcases across the globe feature fast-paced company pitches and social networking events.

Tapping into today’s flourishing FinTech environment, Innotribe has evolved to a more strategic level. Through a new business-specific initiative, the ‘Industry Challenges’, we will deepen engagement with a hand-picked group of startups and selected partners.

Together with global innovation professionals, Innotribe at Sibos introduces the emerging innovation trends while exploring thought-provoking content to challenge perceptions.

Innotribe also investigates on a range of FinTech-related topics, and publishes research papers to stimulate debate and facilitate action within our community.


Since 2009, Innotribe has provided powerful insights on innovation by highlighting and supporting emerging trends poised to transform the financial services industry.
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