Global financial messaging solutions to match your needs

Every day, financial institutions and businesses depend on secure, reliable and rapid exchange of millions of financial messages over SWIFT

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Your business depends on the reliable exchange of critical financial information – across more than 10,800 organisations connected to SWIFT worldwide.
Your SWIFT connection gives you single-window access to our messaging services to send or receive information such as payments, settlement instructions, FX confirmations, statements and reports. All of our services are protected by strong authentication, message validation and ‘best-in-class’ security and reliability.

Our comprehensive payments, securities, trade and treasury messages have been developed in collaboration with the industry. They’re built on international standards for interoperability and straight-through processing.

It all adds up to the certainty and efficiency your business needs, with lower operational risks and reduced costs.  

Payments messages

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Estimating messages

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Trade finance and treasury messages

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  • Analyse your message volumes, costs and billing with Watch Traffic

At SWIFT, we’re committed to helping you reduce the cost of doing business by delivering sustained cost reductions for our members. Over the past 20 years, total FIN volumes have increased more than ten-fold, to over five billion messages per year, while prices have also reduced by a factor of ten.

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging

FIN for your structured messaging needs

FIN is our core messaging service, carrying 22.3+ million structured financial messages per day.

InterAct for ISO 20022 messaging

InterAct is the messaging service for XML-based and ISO 20022 data.

FileAct: a single secure channel for large file transfer

Our file transfer solution is ideal for sending large files of structured messages, operational data or reports using your existing SWIFT infrastructure.

MI Channel

Our MI Channel meets the specialist needs of large market infrastructures (MIs) and their participants, delivering the highest levels of performance and resilience.

SWIFT Copy Services

Our SWIFT Copy Services deliver copies of message for authorisation or information, improving your processing efficiency and mitigating risk.

SWIFT WebAccess for secure online services

SWIFT WebAccess offers providers and customers of web applications a highly secure screen-based channel over SWIFT.

Interfaces and Integration

Alliance Lite2: your connection to the financial world

With all the benefits of a cloud-based solution, Alliance Lite2 offers banks, corporates and investment managers a direct connection to their banks and counterparties.

Alliance Messaging Hub for high-volume processing

Alliance Messaging Hub is our messaging solution for multi-network, high-volume and complex integration requirements. Ideal for those requiring a highly available, customisable and scalable platform.

Compliance and Shared Services

Discover the benefits of The KYC Registry

The KYC Registry is a secure, online platform where participants can exchange standardised KYC data with counterparties efficiently, reducing the costs of compliance.

Sanctions Screening: a managed service

Our fully-managed service provides state-of-the-art transaction screening and is more cost-effective than in-house systems.

Improve communication and efficiency with MyStandards

MyStandards helps you manage and coordinate standards use across your business and with counterparties and customers via a collaborative online platform.


Training solutions

We’ve a range of training opportunities to ensure you get the most from SWIFT for your business, including classroom, online and bespoke on-site options.

Our messaging services deliver worldwide for your business

  • Unrivalled security and reliability
  • Central validation of messages
  • Highest availability in the industry

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Global financial messaging solutions to match your needs