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Secure and reliable transactions are the top priority for your business, enabling you to deliver for customers and deal with counterparties with confidence.

Our messaging services provide that security and reliability, connecting more than 10,800 financial institutions and corporations in over 200 countries and handling millions of payments, trade finance, treasury and securities messages every day.

It’s what we’re known best for.

Today, our customers also look to us for solutions to manage the costs and risks of doing business, such as complying with growing regulatory requirements, improving the efficiency of operations and understanding market directions.

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SWIFT is making real world change for the financial industry

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Information paper: Tools to support compliance with BCBS monitoring requirements

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Comply with financial crime requirements

  • Screen transactions efficiently with our Sanctions Screening service
  • The KYC Registry: source and share correspondent KYC information
  • Compliance Analytics: analyse correspondent banking traffic for financial crime risks

The challenges are always growing. You need standardised, industry-wide solutions to help you manage the complexity of compliance requirements, and mitigate the risks and costs. Our portfolio of financial crime compliance solutions is designed to meet your needs.

Our solutions

Secure Financial Messaging

Interbank messaging for correspondent banks

Our secure and reliable FIN messaging service underpins interbank payments and settlement worldwide, providing non-repudiation and validation, message recovery, optional SLAs and copy services.

Payments and cash management for your corporates

When your corporate customers choose to connect to you over SWIFT, you can spend more time serving their needs and attract new business.

Need help with Intraday Liquidity Reporting?

We can help you meet BCSB monitoring and reporting requirements and improve your intraday liquidity management with tailored business intelligence and integration services.

Interfaces and Integration

Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH)

A highly customisable financial messaging platform, AMH enables the processing of financial message flows and integration with back office systems.

Alliance Lite2: your connection to the financial world

With all the benefits of a cloud-based solution, Alliance Lite2 offers banks and corporates a direct connection to their banks and counterparties.

Compliance and Shared Services

Financial Crime Compliance Services

Working with our members, we’ve developed a portfolio of community-based solutions to help you reduce the costs and risks of financial crime compliance.

Have you discovered SWIFTRef?

SWIFTRef provides easy access to up-to-date, validated reference data. Find out how to save time and effort – and increase efficiency.

Stay ahead with our Business Intelligence solutions

Our portfolio of business intelligence solutions combines a wealth of unique SWIFT data with powerful analysis tools.



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  • Extend reach and increase efficiency
  • Respond effectively to regulatory changes
  • Enhance your customer service

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