Standards releases

Gain a clear picture of upcoming releases and manage the impact on your business using our dedicated tools

Managing MT and MX releases

We continually work to keep our existing standards up to date, in order to bring standards in line with business changes and correct technical issues. From time to time, we also publish newly developed standards. These changes can affect your business, from business flows to back office applications. 


MyStandards, our collaborative platform, can help you manage your releases more efficiently.

MyStandards Base Libraries (MBL)

We provide updated MT message structures in open standard XML schema format, helping you save time and money. Free examples are available on request.

Impact assessment service

Our consultants can create a tailored report to help you understand the impact of a standards release on your business.

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Must reads

Useful information for everyone dealing with SWIFT Standards.

Standards Release documents

Official publications linked to the yearly Standards Release process.

Development and Maintenance processes

The processes that the SWIFT Standards department follows for the development and maintenance of its standards. It describes the overall purpose of each process, as well as the conditions under which it will be used. It provides full details of all the steps that are followed, including the outputs produced and the involvement of the SWIFT community.

Working group member lists

Per business domain, the experts from the industry that assist SWIFT in undertaking standards maintenance activities:

Tools to simplify a Standards Release

We also provide a number of tools to help you manage our annual standards releases, including:

Standards releases