Standardised business flows for PMIs

Flawless and automated execution of payments flows for PMIs and their communities

Standardised business flows for PMIs

A complete set of SWIFT MT and ISO 20022 standards is available to support PMIs with all of their business functions and related communication flows.

Standardised payment flows for High-Value Payments Systems / RTGS

  • Interbank payments processing

Allows participants to submit customer and financial institution payments to the RTGS system and receive credit or debit notifications, if settlement has been confirmed.

Based on SWIFT MT or ISO 20022, exchanged over SWIFT Copy services, or FIN.

  • Liquidity management

Enables participants to exchange information with the PMI to monitor their accounts, operate their reserve, manage their payments or act on their limits (usually through participants’ liquidity management application).

Based on SWIFT MT or ISO 20022, exchanged over FIN, InterAct or via Web-based application.

  • Report management

Allows participants and MIs to exchange batches of financial messages and large statistical, operational or regulatory reports.

Based on SWIFT MT or ISO 20022 (or proprietary format). Can be exchanged using FIN, InterAct or FileAct.

  • Interlink with ancillary systems

Allows MIs to communicate with ancillary systems (for example ACH, CSD and other HVPS).

Based on SWIFT MT or ISO 20022 (or proprietary format).

Standardised payment flows for Low-Value Payments Systems / ACH

SWIFT offers a scalable and reliable platform that supports cost efficient and interoperable file transfer services for interbank processing of retail payments within and across automated clearing houses (ACHs).

Business flows include:

  • Interbank payments processing
  • Exception handling
  • Transaction status reporting

Files can include SWIFT MT, ISO 20022 or proprietary messages, exchanged over FileAct.

Standardised payment flows for Real-time Retail Payment Systems 

Standardised and orchestrated business flows are of key importance in achieving
instantaneous clearing and settlement.

Business flows include:

  • Payment initiation
  • Interbank payments processing
  • Transaction status reporting

Based on ISO 20022.


ISO 20022 Harmonisation Programme

SWIFT has launched an industry programme to ensure a cost effective and seamless adoption of ISO 20022 by Get open and their communities


Market Practice

With a strong focus on harmonisation and straight-through processing, SWIFT plays an active role in market practices initiatives and provides expertise, products and services to support best practice.