SWIFTNet Instant

Your connectivity solution for real-time payments

Your connectivity solution for real-time payments

To enable instant payments messaging, SWIFT has enriched its offering with SWIFTNet Instant. It is a real-time, low latency messaging platform that is available 24/7 and supports the secure exchange of instant payment flows between Clearing and Settlement Mechanisms (CSMs) and their participants.

Customers can connect to SWIFTNet Instant through their existing SWIFT connectivity and security infrastructure, including VPN boxes, leased lines and hardware security modules. Integration with the bank’s IT environment is achieved through the Alliance Gateway Instant (AGI).

All parties along the instant payment chain can use AGI and SWIFTNet Instant messaging. Applications include payment initiation from an overlay service, indirect member communications with a sponsoring member, or a corporate receiving a payment confirmation.

Available 24/7

And leverages a highly secure and resilient infrastructure

Connects to multiple CSMs

AGI and SWIFTNet instant messaging can be used by all parties along the instant payment chain.

Future-proof solution

SWIFTNet Instant and AGI form the cornerstone of the future evolution of SWIFT’s messaging and connectivity offering.

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6 February 2018

Implement innovative instant payment messaging services by leveraging your investment in SWIFT using our highly reliable solution.

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