Alliance Lifeline

A cold standby connection to SWIFT, Alliance Lifeline provides connectivity if your main SWIFT connections become unavailable

Ensuring business continuity

As a SWIFT user, you understand the importance of being connected to SWIFT at all times. For additional comfort, you may wish to strengthen your safeguards to ensure access at all times.

A cold standby service based on Alliance Lite2, Alliance Lifeline allows you to continue exchanging messages and using SWIFT services if your primary access is disrupted. The service can be used to send and receive up to 10,000 messages each day.

While the interface is not connected to SWIFT under normal conditions, the service can be activated within 90 minutes if your normal SWIFT interface and back-up systems are unavailable. Once your main connection is restored, we’ll deactivate Alliance Lifeline at your request.

For faster recovery, our optional service Alliance Lifeline Premium is ready to send messages at any time. Please note that Alliance Lifeline is not an alternative to a back-up infrastructure.

Comprehensive setup services

From an impact assessment to remote installation, we offer end-to-end setup services to users of Alliance Lifeline. Additional services are available on a consultancy basis.

Priced according to your needs

Setup costs and annual fees vary depending on your system requirements and messaging volumes. A daily usage fee applies when the service is activated.

Alliance Lifeline Premium: time critical recovery

When every minute matters, Alliance Lifeline Premium enables you to begin sending messages immediately, without the need to wait for activation by SWIFT.

How to get Alliance Lifeline

Contact your SWIFT account manager to learn more.

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Ensuring business continuity when operations are disrupted

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Alliance Lifeline Factsheet

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This factsheet explains the service and outlines the key features & benefits

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Alliance Lifeline Case Study – Daiwa Capital Markets

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8 January 2016

Read how Alliance Lifeline provides cost-effective insurance in case Daiwa’s access to the SWIFT network is disrupted.

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Alliance Lifeline Service Description

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10 December 2015

This document describes the features and functions of Alliance Lifeline, the system requirements, and the available operational services.

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Alliance Lifeline