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The future of payments: corporates speak out

From PSD2 to blockchain, the payments landscape is changing rapidly. But which developments are relevant to treasurers? And where are the biggest pain points?

The future of payments: corporates speak out

SWIFT and EuroFinance asked treasurers around the world what they thought. The results were telling.

EuroFinance - Corporate Treasury Network


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The future of payments, a corporate treasury perspective


 Company size magnifies the issuesPressing issues in cross-border payments

Manners demand for solutions that will prompt fundamental changes in the cross-border payments space. And these problems are not new: corporates want speed, transparency and traceability when dealing with cross-border payments.


Real-time tracking tops the listReal-time tracking tops the list

Three quarters of the surveyed corporate treasury professionals placed real-time tracking as their top-of-list priority service.


 Fintech adoption – busting the mythsFintech adoption – busting the myths

Only 8% use an alternative service provider for cross-border payments. 55% of the respondents have no plans to use alternative providers. The main concerns are security and fraud.

Challenges in cross-border paymentsThe corporate wish-list for enhanced global payments

Corporate treasury professionals have identified these as their top 5 priorities for change.

  1. Tracing payments in case of problems
  2. Consistency in bank payment processes
  3. Visibility on the cost and deductions from a transaction
  4. Consistency between the amount sent and amount received, especially when “OUR” charges
  5. Quality and completeness of remittance information sent with payments


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