SWIFT Translator

Map, validate and transition any message fluently

Quick and easy message translation

SWIFT Translator is our new message translation offering that allows you to define, map and validate messages from any format to ISO 20022 or MT.
This solution combines our Standards expertise with state-of-the-art technology.

After defining and testing the mapping, you can deploy it in a flexible standalone runtime to perform the translation on the fly.

SWIFT Translator complements the MyStandards portfolio as you are able to reuse the specifications you define on the platform.

It supports you on the following topics :

  • Standards Migration,
  • Standards Translation / Mapping,
  • Customer Onboarding,
  • Message Validation.

Any mapping or validation rule defined in SWIFT Translator will be reusable in the SWIFT Integration portfolio as well.

Easy translation

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Customise and define your own format

Our offering supports the transition of a vast array of formats including FIN, Fixed length, CSV, XML type (direct import of XSD schemas), MyStandards guidelines, or any format.

Map easily from one format to the other

Our solution helps defining complex mappings from field to field in an easy way. It automatically converts dates, rates, amounts and other common data types from the source to the target syntax.

Test and deploy your mapping

Test the mapping as you perform the translation, and deploy it in a flexible way. This will perform validation and translation in a large array of middleware, applications, and it offers production-level performances.

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