MyStandards MT Standards Release Portal

Simplify mandatory standards updates

Simply the best way to manage annual MT standards releases

The web-based MT Standards Release Portal is the most efficient and reliable way to manage the critical annual release process for your organisation.

Every year, the mandatory MT standards release delivers many changes and updates that impact SWIFT standards users worldwide. Identifying and understanding which changes affect your business can be a demanding, time-consuming and manual task. You also need to communicate the relevant changes across your organisation and implement them cleanly in your systems - and you must inform your customers of changes required in the messages they send you.

The MT Standards Release Portal simplifies these important tasks and helps you manage the release cycle end-to-end by providing:

  • Clear descriptions of all changes since the last release by message type, with colour coding.
  • Details of both technical changes and the business reasons for the change, helping you to quickly pinpoint the changes that affect you.  
  • A dedicated testing environment where you can test messages against both the previous and the new release, without the need for internal or external counterparties.

The clarity and functionality provided by the MT Standards Release Portal allows you to prepare and act promptly, accelerating your release implementation cycle, improving accuracy and transparency and bringing increased efficiency to your standards use.

The MyStandards MT Standards Release Portal is available as part of the MyStandards Premium service.

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All annual release changes clearly described

See quickly what’s changed since the last release with technical details and business reasons clearly described.

Simplify mandatory standards updates

No need to re-write documents in different formats – simply annotate the formal definitions in MyStandards and share them in machine-readable format.

Test, fix and re-test your changes

An online testing environment to test your messages against the current and previous release. Validation reports pinpoint the areas where you need to focus.

How does the MT Standards Release Portal work for you?


Implement annual changes efficiently


Use the MT Standards Release Portal to quickly identify the changes that affect you.


Keep-up-to-date with changes to your banks’ specifications by testing and validating your messages on the portal.

Get open

Make sure your systems are up-to-date and compliant – never miss an update.


Make sure your services meet current MT standards requirements.

MyStandards MT Standards Release Portal