MyStandards Base Libraries

Implementation made simple

Machine-readable SWIFT MT and ISO 20022 definitions aid implementation

As implementing and maintaining standards is a resource-intensive activity, having the best tools and technology is important.

MyStandards Base Libraries gives IT managers, implementers and developers rich, processable content and up-to-date technology to work with, helping you to greater efficiency throughout the standards implementation process.

The libraries are updated with each standards release to ensure you are always fully up-to-date.

The MyStandards Base Libraries are available as part of the MyStandards Premium service, or separately.

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Reduce implementation costs

Machine-readable content and XML-based tools help speed up implementation and integration, reducing costs for your business.

A common XML approach for MT and MX

A complete set of XML schemas for MT messages is provided, allowing for a common approach for both MX and MT standards.

Updated with each standards release

The Base Libraries are updated with each SWIFT standards release, so your tools are always up-to-date.

Find out how the Base Libraries work in practice

Implement standards more efficiently

Base Libraries in your sector


Speed up implementation times.


Reduce your back-office costs.


Make it easier for hard-pressed IT teams to implement your standards requirements.

Get open

Reduces integration headaches.


A valuable development tool for application providers.

MyStandards Base Libraries