A collaborative web platform to better manage global standards and related market practice

Standards made simple

To help you use standards more effectively, we’ve worked with the industry to develop MyStandards, a collaborative online platform for users of SWIFT MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards.

MyStandards transforms standards management by centralising and streamlining standards releases and market practice guidelines.

Use it to access all base standards definitions; to create, publish and share your institution’s specifications and usage guidelines; and to accelerate customers onboarding and community migration.

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How can MyStandards help you?

MyStandards for Banks

Reduce significantly the time and effort it takes to onboard your corporate customers – across all channels, markets and payment types.

MyStandards for Estimating

Cut through complexity and smooth the transaction lifecycle by managing and publishing all your standards releases, message formats and usage guidelines.

MyStandards for Manners

MyStandards offers a single, collaborative platform to access up-to-date standards specifications and usage guidelines from all your banks. Never miss a change or update.

MyStandards for Get open

MyStandards is an easy-to-access, central platform where you can publish and maintain standards and guidelines for your community. It’s fast becoming the central source for all ISO 20022 information.

MyStandards for Partners

MT, MX and ISO 20022 standards and definitions, maintained up-to-date in one central, online repository: MyStandards is an essential source of industry knowledge for technology providers, partners and FinTechs.

News, Events & FAQ

Find out what’s happening across the MyStandards community to improve your practice and save time and costs.