Home Analytics Premium

Our new premium service provides even greater granularity of data, to bring you cutting-edge insights and sharper decision-making

Understand product and market performance

Home Analytics Premium is a new addition to our Watch Home family of business intelligence and analysis services. It helps you adapt your product and market strategies by providing granular analysis of payments and trade finance data on the SWIFT network.

By including additional payload data from FIN messages, Home Analytics Premium brings you details of charges, initial ordering and ultimate beneficiary countries, and information on confirmations and tenor of letters of credit.

You can view activity by value buckets (USD or EUR), rank your activities against the market and track rankings over time.

Home Analytics Premium has all the analytics, wizards and business visuals of Home Analytics, so you can easily build information dashboards and reports. 

Detailed payment analysis

With Home Analytics Premium, you can analyse data with granular detail and compare charging and other practices against the market.

Rank your performance

Enables you to understand your sales performance in different markets and rank it over time.

Go deeper into performance

Use Letter of Credit confirmations and tenor data to assess your competitiveness in key markets.

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