Home Analytics

Understand and evaluate your worldwide markets and counterparties. Analyse and benchmark your activity by volume, value and currency.

Understand and benchmark your correspondent banking business

Managing starts with understanding.

Home Analytics provides direct access to your group-wide sent and received SWIFT payments, trade finance and fx messages, and powerful analysis tools, to fully understand your correspondent activity.

You can view your data by volume, value and currency. Filter and query it by message type, BIC, country/region and counterparty to get answers to important business and operational questions:

  • Who are your top correspondents?
  • Where is concentration risk high?
  • Which products do best in which markets?
  • How efficient is message processing with counterparties?
  • Is cross-charging accurate and effective?

Home Analytics also compares your performance against overall SWIFT market totals to determine, track and benchmark your activity share.

Once you’ve analysed your data, you can save, update and share reports. There’s also a library of dynamic graphical views, such as the worldwide activity footprint.

Home Analytics provides you with two years’ worth of historical data and year-to-date, updated monthly.

In-depth analysis of your total correspondent banking markets and relationships

View your group’s SWIFT traffic volumes and values for payments, trade finance and fx. Analyse by message type, currency, BIC, counterparty, geography and over time.

Tracks your activity share and benchmarks performance against the industry

Home Analytics allows you to compare your performance to overall market totals to assess your share of key markets and business lines.

Easy to generate, update and share dynamic reports and views

Powerful analysis tools make it easy to create and share a wide range of reports. A library of dynamic views assists your decision making.

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