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SWIFTSmart: Join the eLearning experience

SWIFTSmartonline_learning_with_swiftsmart_edited.mp4For organisations looking for training resources, eLearning is becoming the go-to approach. Technological advancements and downsized training budgets make this an attractive choice as a new generation enters the workforce. Practical, convenient, effective and efficient, eLearning allows information to be easily disseminated across the globe.

SWIFTSmart is an interactive, cloud-based service that provides a full catalogue of courses. Whether you are looking for a basic introduction to SWIFT or advanced instructions on payment systems, the service gives you flexibility to train your staff anytime, anywhere and from any device.

SWIFTSmart offers more than 200 courses in multiple languages, helping you to make the most of SWIFT standards, products and services and enabling you to learn more about industry topics. The courses available range from SWIFT message standards for payments, trade, treasury and securities to SWIFT software and connectivity.

SWIFTSmart, Customer TestimonialHow SWIFTSmart helped Byblos BankThis new service offers all e-paying.info account holders ease of access via single sign-on and is available from any secure internet connection.

Future enhancements

Before the end of 2018 more content will be gradually added on SWIFT gpi, AMH, ISO 20022, KYC, Instant Payments, Cyber Security and Financial Crime Compliance. We will also deepen the operational topics such as Alliance Gateway and Alliance Lite2. Introductory courses to Foreign Exchange, SWIFT Digital Channels and SWIFTRef will also be available soon. Visit regularly to discover them all!


Troubleshooting courses on SWIFTSmart

To help you independently diagnose your on-premises SWIFT infrastructure, 7 specific troubleshooting modules have been created on SWIFTSmart. These modules provide you with clear and effective guidelines to help you maintain your SWIFT environment, troubleshoot the most commonly encountered problems, and provide relevant diagnostic information when detecting and solving a problem.


Rich, cloud-based learning platform

No software installation is needed. SWIFTSmart is accessible from desktop or mobile devices, giving unlimited access to presentations, animations, videos, exercises, quizzes and games covering different products and business areas.

Interactive social learning

SWIFTSmart will gradually evolve to blend digital and social learning. Today the focus is on content delivery; tomorrow users will be able to share experience with peers through group discussions and steer development through online feedback.

Personalised experience

Learning is adapted to different user profiles, offering personalised training plans and profile-based recommendations. Our mix of short learning material and complete courses is available in most popular languages.