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Providing an automated look-up service for SWIFTRef data, our SWIFTRef API gives easy access to financial reference data – leading to lower implementation costs, efficiency improvements and greater customer satisfaction.

With SWIFTRef API, developers can benefit from easy access to an accurate and complete set of financial reference data. SWIFTRef API eases the integration of data with your applications and interfaces, reducing the risks linked to integration with other systems.

To use this REST-style API, all that is required is a simple HTTPS call from within the user’s software application.

BIC and IBAN information can be validated instantly, speeding up client withdrawals and increasing customer satisfaction. The service can also lead to improvements in operational efficiency, as well as a reduction of costly and time-intensive errors.

The APIs available include the following:

  • Check validity of a BIC, IBAN or national ID
  • Get details of a BIC, IBAN or national ID
  • How to reach a BIC in SEPA
  • Get IBAN from BBAN
  • Get the BIC for an IBAN
  • Get the BIC for an LEI
  • Get the BIC for a national ID
  • Get the LEI for a BIC
  • Get the national ID for a BIC
  • Get SSIs for a BIC

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All technical information, RAML File, Swagger file and source code are available on the Knowledge Centre;

For further information about SWIFTRef API, speak to your SWIFT account manager.