Messaging solutions for FX and treasury

Automated solutions for efficient and reliable confirmations, settlement and reporting

Automate and improve the efficiency of treasury operations

Manage your treasury operations over SWIFT to benefit from improved straight through processing, reliable settlement and timely reporting. Our solutions use industry standard messages over your existing SWIFT infrastructure for lower operational costs.

Each year over 200 million MT 300 FX confirmations covering some 160 currencies and more than 1,200 currency pairs were sent over SWIFT. More than 70% of all FX confirmations are sent over the SWIFT network (excluding CLS and Hedge Fund related trades). SWIFT confirmations also support Commodities, Money Market, and many risk management instruments such as FX Forwards, Options, NDFs, cross-currency and interest rate swaps.

SWIFT CLS-TPS solution

SWIFT’s CLS-TPS solution is a comprehensive solution for communication between CLS members and third parties for FX settlement.

SWIFT Confirmation Copy service

Our new Confirmation Copy service will automatically copy your sent and received confirmations to a selected matching provider.