Messaging solutions for banking and payments

In a demanding payments landscape, our solutions help you meet the challenges

We deliver the world’s payments securely and reliably

You rely on us for secure and reliable messaging for correspondent and corporate payments and banking. That’s our core. We also have solutions to mitigate operational and compliance risks, keeping your business safe and sound.

Interbank payments and correspondent banking

Our core FIN messaging service connects you securely to over 9000 institutions in 200 countries. Optional SLAs enhance counterparty relationships.

Instant Payments

The digital revolution has transformed the payments landscape and with the advancement of instant payments technology, the global consumer demand to be able to ‘pay and be paid in real-time’ is becoming a reality.

SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi)

An industry initiative to dramatically improve the cross-border payments experience through greater speed, transparency and end-to-end tracking.

Intra-day liquidity reporting

We can help you meet regulatory requirements for intraday liquidity monitoring and reporting.