SWIFT Traffic Profile

Independent profiling of your SWIFT traffic activity

Protect your business by knowing your customer’s customer

Transactions involving high-risk or sanctioned territories can put your business at risk. But knowing which connections might cause you problems isn’t easy.

Now there’s a way. The SWIFT Traffic Profile highlights exposures to high-risk or sanctioned territories in your institution’s global correspondent network - including indirect exposure resulting from your correspondents’ downstream activity with their counterparties.

It’s independent, factual data derived from SWIFT’s unique global aggregated message traffic, updated quarterly to help you pinpoint compliance risks.

If you’re a user of The KYC Registry, your institution can subscribe to the SWIFT Traffic Profile and, if you choose to, share it with your correspondents via the Registry.   

By sharing your aggregate and country-level data, you can provide added transparency and evidence of compliance to your correspondents and improve the efficiency of your customer due diligence enquiries.  

And, by requesting and reviewing your counterparty’s SWIFT Traffic Profile, you can see at a glance whether they or their customers might be putting you at risk.

Pinpoints high-risk activity

Pinpoints high-risk activity. The SWIFT Traffic Profile highlights traffic exchanged directly or indirectly with jurisdictions under sanctions from OFAC or the EU, or considered high-risk or non-cooperative by FATF.

Helps with on-going risk monitoring

Helps with on-going risk monitoring. Your SWIFT Traffic Profile is updated quarterly so you can monitor and check for changes in exposure.

Independent, fact-based evidence adds transparency and supports customer due diligence.

Independent, fact-based evidence adds transparency and supports customer due diligence. Share your SWIFT Traffic Profile with your correspondents to increase transparency. Request and review your correspondents’ Profiles to spot possible downstream risks from their customers.

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SWIFT Traffic Profile