Find a better way to manage financial crime compliance

Remaining compliant with ever-changing financial crime regulation is challenging and expensive. We aim to help you deliver efficiently and effectively

Effective – and efficient. You have to be both.

Financial crime compliance is no easy task. You have to comply promptly and accurately with challenging regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions. You’re charged with detecting illicit activity wherever it occurs. But you also have to keep control of costs and deliver unparalleled customer service.

For example:

  • Your sanctions filters must detect illicit transactions, without raising so many false-positives that day-to-day business is adversely affected.
  • It’s necessary to analyse growing amounts of complex data across business lines, geographies and systems, thoroughly but efficiently. 
  • A lack of standardisation, plus changing requirements such as Anti-Money laundering (AML), makes cost control a difficult challenge.

Whether yours is a large institution transacting in multiple jurisdictions with thousands of counterparties, or a smaller institution with more limited resources, you face the same challenges.

Thankfully, now there’s a portfolio of innovative solutions, inspired by the SWIFT community, to help you meet these challenges and control the costs of financial crime compliance.



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Find out about our solutions for Financial Crime Compliance

Address growing financial crime compliance challenges

  • Be compliant – but also efficient
  • Prevent the cost of compliance from spiralling
  • Increase data and process standardisation

The challenges are constantly evolving. From focusing initially on correspondent banking activity, regulators are also turning their attention to trade finance, securities and corporate transactions, increasing the volume and complexity of the compliance task facing financial institutions.

You need standardised, enterprise-wide solutions to help you manage your compliance requirements and mitigate risks and costs. Our portfolio of financial crime compliance solutions is designed to meet your needs.

Our solutions

Know Your Customer solutions

The KYC Registry

Financial institutions are collaborating to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of maintaining KYC data. The KYC Registry offers a single source of quality information.

The SWIFT Traffic Profile

Independent, fact-based reports on your institution’s global payments activity to help you pinpoint compliance risks. A value-added service for users of The KYC Registry.

KYC Adverse Media

Monitor news coverage about your counterparties and support your Customer Due Diligence (CDD) with comprehensive, high-quality news and public information.

Sanctions Compliance

Sanctions Screening

Ready-to-use and fast-to-deploy, our managed Sanctions Screening service is more cost-effective to operate than installed systems. It’s already used by hundreds of institutions worldwide.

Name Screening

Simple, cost-effective screening of names and databases against sanctions, PEP, and private lists.

Sanctions Testing

Our automated service for filter testing and tuning gives you independent assurance that your filters are effective, efficient and aligned to your risk policies.

Sanctions List Distribution

Reinforce your sanctions operations with standardised content.

Sanctions List Monitor

This free service notifies you immediately by email of changes to specified sanctions lists. Standardised, easy-to-apply information helps you understand and prioritise critical updates.

Compliance Analytics

Compliance Analytics – focus on what matters most

Group-level analysis of your institution’s correspondent banking traffic for financial crime risks. Pinpoints unusual behaviour and assists with AML, KYC and sanctions due diligence.

Payments Data Quality

Get a clear picture of originator and beneficiary information in your payment messages. Detailed reporting and analytics support compliance with FATF Recommendation 16.

Daily Validation Reports

Detect unusual payment flows with Daily Validation Reports.

Payment controls

Our new service monitors your in-flight transactions for out-of-policy and suspicious payments, proactively defending your business against fraud.

Correspondent monitoring

Our Correspondent Monitoring tool delivers top-down AML monitoring and alerting, tailored to correspondent banking requirements.

Why choose SWIFT’s solutions for financial crime compliance?

  • Our industry experience, security and reliability is unrivalled
  • We provide unique insights and innovative solutions
  • Shared solutions mean mutualised costs
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Find a better way to manage financial crime compliance