ISO 20022 for CSDs

Adopting ISO 20022 can bring significant benefits. Ease the transition by drawing upon industry best practice, advice, and market leading tools

Adopting ISO 20022: what you need to know

Achieving automation and offering services based on ISO standards are key goals for securities market infrastructures. As a central securities depository (CSD), political or regional initiatives might have prompted you to change your transaction processing methods. Or a focus on international expansion in your home market might require you to increase your global interoperability.

Adopting ISO 20022 can help you achieve these goals. You’ll need to understand the considerable lifecycle of a migration project, as well as the logistics of moving an entire community. You’ll also need to draw upon industry best practice to overcome fragmentation in the market, and manage potential co-existence with ISO 15022 standards.

Accessing best-in-class solution design in line with global and regional market practice for message flows, data models and implementation guidelines is key.  In order to guarantee the safe and resilient processing of your transactions, you need a secure, reliable network as you embark upon your project. Communication, training and support will also be paramount as you support community members in making the transition.

Customer charter

SWIFT’s ISO 20022 Harmonisation Charter


ISO 20022 for Get open and their communities

Round table

Harmonising ISO 20022 implementation

Your challenges

  • Educating and onboarding your community to ISO 20022
  • Understanding different versions and market practices
  • Offering ISO 20022 alongside ISO 15022 or proprietary standards

Adopting ISO 20022 brings with it a number of challenges. As a responsible actor in the financial ecosystem, you want to create a smooth transition and communicate the changes to all the relevant parties, while reducing risk and cost for your members. Consequently, you’re keen to support industry harmonisation and reduce the impact of fragmentation across different Market Infrastructure initiatives.

Our solutions

Global Financial Messaging

The world’s only value-added global ISO 20022 network

We offer reliable and secure messaging as well as non-repudiation and central message validation.

Change tools and services

Help your community make the move. Our change services include downloadable community integration components, MX schemas (XSD), deployment packs and connectors.

Interfaces and Integration

Interface products and tools

Our interface portfolio is fully ISO 20022-enabled. From helping you shield impact on your back-office, to allowing efficient ISO 20022 integration, we have solutions that fit your needs.

Connector for T2S

Our powerful connectors include Connector for T2S, an add-on to Alliance Access which can simplify connectivity between T2S and your settlement application.

Transformation and integration services

Our products and services will help you implement ISO 20022 messages and market practices in your own environment.

Training, Consulting and Operational Services

Services for communities

We offer services to support your community, including ISO 20022 training, test message preparation and project management.

Services for CSDs

Ease your transition by adopting our solution design services for market infrastructures. These include message development, gap analysis, data mapping and business process design.


Industry harmonisation framework

We’re working with market infrastructures to roll out ISO 20022 consistently across the industry and foster a more disciplined and predictable approach.

Global market practice

Industry harmonisation matters to us. Developed with market infrastructures and market practice groups, global market practice provides the basis for a common implementation, reducing cost and risk across the financial industry.


Use our web-based platform to consult global market practice, create specific implementation guidelines and provide a best-in-class user experience for your community.

ISO 20022 around the world

ISO 20022 adoption mApp

Our free iPad app gives a global overview of over 70 initiatives which are moving to ISO 20022. Also available as a PDF download.

Uniquely qualified to support your ISO 20022 project

  • Unrivalled experience of ISO 20022
  • Dedicated ISO 20022 network
  • Comprehensive products and services range
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