Standard MT Release 2018

The annual MT Standards release ensures that the message types (MTs) exchanged by SWIFT users remain suitable for the business areas in which they are used, by enabling new business functionality and compliance with changing regulations.

Mandatory changes in category 1 and 2

Click here to learn more about high level, business information related to the changes made to MT messages as part of Standards Release 2018 (SR 2018). An overview of SR 2018 is also available in three . 

Please note that there are changes for Standards MT Release 2018 in category 1 and 2 that have a bigger implementation impact than most MT standards releases:

  • Field 121 in header block 3 will be mandated in MT 103, MT 103 STP, MT 103 REMIT, MT202, MT205, MT202 COV, MT 205 COV
  • Customers of the SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi) service can include
    field 111 in combination with field 121 (fields in header block 3) in messages
    where the receiver is not a SWIFT gpi customer. All users must be able to
    receive field 111 in combination with field 121 in all category 1 and 2 messages.

Read the following article to find out more on the changes and links to
the related documentation or follow a dedicated . 

To ensure the community is aware of the changes and to provide you with
all the information you need, SWIFT Standards has organised webinar sessions
that have been recorded. More information can be found here.

Last update: 
7 November 2018

Standards MT Release 2018

Frequently Asked Questions about mandatory changes in category 1 and 2
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Standards MT Release 2018

SWIFT Standards MT Release 2018Standards MT Release 2018
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Standards MT Release 2018

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