8 May 2018
Mumbai, India

India and Subcontinents Regional Conference 2018

India and Subcontinents Regional Conference 2018

Seizing the Opportunity: Driving the Next Wave of Innovation in India

As Digital India becomes a reality in the near future, the wave of possibilities that come along with it will drive unprecedented technological, social, and economic transformation of the country. New digital infrastructure will enable and enhance digital inclusion for the community and create a balanced society with a minimal digital gap.

At this conference, SWIFT will explore the current payments system in India and its sub-region, and how the community can leverage on SWIFT to improve cross-border payments with greater speed, transparency, and end-to-end tracking.  Digital payments offer a strong support to ongoing efforts in helping the country leapfrog the cash generation to digital payment solutions, which is a significant step in propelling India to emerge as a truly cashless economy.

We will also deep-dive into how digitisation has impacted the world of trade finance, how it has enhanced the growth within the SAARC region, as well as discuss the growing importance of one of the industry’s most defining issue of cybersecurity, and what the challenges and opportunities are in the securities fintech space.

The SWIFT India and Subcontinents Regional Conference 2018 will gather the local community representing financial institutions, market infrastructures, regulators, multinational corporations, and other industry experts to discuss the key issues facing the nation’s financial market development, with a specific focus on innovation and digitisation.

We are confident that this Regional Conference will offer our community an invaluable opportunity to share and collaborate on our ideas in fostering a more vibrant financial community in India and its subcontinents.

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Gottfried Leibbrandt
Chief Executive Officer, SWIFT

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