Name Screening

This powerful solution combines centralised list management and advanced features for accurate and cost-effective customer and vendor screening – so you know who you’re doing business with.


Batch screen large databases or check single names for sanctions and PEP compliance using our secure, hosted service.

Fast, accurate and comprehensive screening of databases and individual names

Financial institutions must comply with stringent obligations around Sanctions and Know Your Customer regulations. This requires upfront due diligence during customer onboarding and ongoing checks against lists of sanctioned organisations and individuals, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs).

Increasingly, too, corporations must screen customers and suppliers for due diligence. But screening can be a complex and labour-intensive task, involving maintenance of multiple lists and regular screening of high volumes of data.

Our hosted Name Screening service automates these checks: lists are maintained centrally and updated promptly and Name Screening can handle large databases with ease, as well as providing easy online look-up for individual searches.  

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Hosted service provides cost-effective screening for smaller institutions

Smaller firms and institutions may find that enterprise-scale, bespoke screening engines are too expensive and complex to implement in their environment.

Name Screening is ideal in this situation. It’s a fully-hosted service and list updates are handled centrally.

Name Screening offers advanced features: it can be configured provide an immediate response to queries, or generate a response as part of a workflow.  

Name Screening is available for usage-based subscription, with no hidden fees for lists or systems upgrades.

Simple, secure and effective screening of customer names and databases

Name ScreeningSimple, secure and effective screening of customer names and databases
Name Screening
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Simple, secure and effective screening of customer names and databases

Complements transaction screening to meet your key compliance needs

In addition to screening transactions, you also need to screen names whenever you onboard new customers and throughout your business relationships with them.

Name Screening is an important addition to our Financial Compliance portfolio. When combined with our Sanctions Screening tool (which is already used by over 700 banks and corporates), Name Screening allows you to effectively address key compliance requirements. 

Sanctions Screening: Transaction screening made easy

swift_video_thumbnail_compliance_sanctionscreening.jpgSanctions Screening: Transaction screening made easy
Sanctions Screening
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Sanctions Screening: Transaction screening made easy

Protect your business and reduce operational costs

Compliance with sanctions and KYC requirements is essential, but it also adds cost and complexity to your operations. Name Screening is a SWIFT-hosted service that delivers industry-standard performance and features for a clear usage based fee – with no extras for lists and upgrades.

Name Screening is the latest in our portfolio of community-inspired solutions to help in the fight against financial crime.

It automates the screening of entities and individual names for matches against publically available sanctions, PEP and RCA lists, and against your own lists uploaded to the system.

Advanced features

Advanced Name Screening features ensure your checks are fast and accurate, aligned with your compliance and risk policies and procedures, and appropriate for regulated institutions:

  • Check entire databases and single names against the most commonly used sanctions, PEP and RCA lists – more than 1.5 million PEPs and RCAs are covered.
  • Configure Name Screening to provide an immediate answer to search queries or generate a response as part of a business workflow.
  • Reduce the number of false positives, thanks to Name Screening’s smart technology.
  • Benefit from a full audit trail and advanced alert management.

Easy and cost-effective to implement

Name Screening combines high performance and powerful functionality with ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness:  

  • Secure, fully-hosted web service
  • No software or hardware to install or maintain
  • Lists are maintained centrally
  • Easily configured for your users and policies
  • Future-proofed service that will adapt to changing requirements
  • Simple usage-based billing with no hidden extras.

Leverages and complements SWIFT’s compliance portfolio

When you use Name Screening, you also benefit from SWIFT’s deep experience of developing hosted, community-based compliance services. For example, our Sanctions Screening service is used by over 700 institutions world-wide to screen transactions they send and receive.

We also monitor and fine-tune Name Screening using Sanctions Testing and share the test results with users. Sanctions Testing is used by many of the world’s largest banks to test and tune their in-house filters and lists.

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Simple, secure and effective screening of customer names and databases

Name ScreeningSimple, secure and effective screening of customer names and databases
Name Screening
1 min view

Simple, secure and effective screening of customer names and databases

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