5 June 2018
Shanghai, China

Greater China Regional Conference 2018

Greater China Regional Conference 2018

Propelling China’s growth along the Belt and Road Strategy

Already a major driving force for the world economy, China's development continues to thrive on the ever expanding opportunities that arise with the Belt and Road Initiative.  Its role as the world’s second largest economy has never been more important as the country works to help steer its own domestic market as well as global financial markets through the months and years ahead, in order to maintain a robust, sustainable, and inclusive economic environment.

Solidifying the steps needed to ensure greater collaboration on the financial stage will be just some of the themes explored at this year’s SWIFT Greater China Regional Conference. Over the course of this one day event, a leading panel of specialists will explore the key themes identified as growth drivers for the Chinese and global economies including:

  • Enhancing digital finance to stimulate growth in the Chinese economy
  • Opportunities along the Belt and Road Initiative:  Faster cross-border payments
  • Updates on compliance and cybersecurity issues and the way forward for China
  • Rewiring the securities landscape in China 

With innovation sweeping across the China payments and securities landscape, there has never been a better time to come together to share insights. I look forward to welcoming you on 5 June 2018 to the forum.




  • 提升数字金融,刺激中国经济增长
  • “一带一路”倡议带来的机会:更快的跨境支付
  • 合规和网络安全新动向以及中国的未来之路
  • 重构中国证券业格局


Alain Raes




Alain Raes
Chief Executive


Greater China Regional Conference

Agenda of the Greater China Regional Conference 2018

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Greater China Regional Conference 2018

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