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Find banks that offer the SWIFT messaging standards, technologies and expertise you need.

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Certification MT 101 Pain 001 MT 940 MT 942 Camt.053 File Act (RT or S&F) Testing Onboarding guide Staff trained Documentation
Advanced Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business area SWIFT capability Readiness
SWIFT gpi gpi member Yes
gpi payments (gCCT) – live Yes
Treasury (MT) MT 300 Yes
MT 320 Yes
Cash Management (MT) MT 210 No
MT 900, MT 910 Yes
Trade MT 798 MT798 GTI – Guarantee Issuance messages No
MT798 GTR – Guarantee Receipt messages No
MT798 LCE – Export Documentary Credit messages No
MT798 LCI – Import Documentary Credit messages No
Trade File Act File Act No
Payments (ISO 20022) pain.002 Yes
remt.001 No
Cash Management (ISO 20022) camt.052 Yes
camt.054 Yes
camt.086 No
E-statements (PDF) No
Bank Account Management (ISO 20022) EBAM (acmt) No
CGI-MP Guidelines Common Global Implementation Guidelines Yes
3SKey Personal Signatures Yes
Web authentication No
MyStandards Standards publishing Yes
Readiness portal Yes
Supply Chain Finance TSU/BPO No
Staff Certification Staff Certified Yes