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Information for Vendors, Customers and interested parties

Information about SWIFT for Procurement and Compliance Departments

SWIFT users and other third parties have legitimate requests for information to satisfy their various compliance obligations, including enquiries about SWIFT’s reliability, confidentiality, information security and the professional conduct of SWIFT’s employees and staff.

We do our utmost to address these concerns by making relevant information available to our users. However, due to the large number of SWIFT users around the world, we are unable to respond to individual requests for customised vendor packages, agreements, certifications and/or questionnaires. SWIFT does not engage in individual commitments, or provide individual certifications, representations or legal statements. 

As a service provider to a broad community of customers, it is our policy to treat all customers equally and not to engage in customised or “one-off” agreements or arrangements.  Indeed, SWIFT provides its services and products to users around the world on the basis of a common contractual framework, using the standard contractual documentation that has been formulated in consultation with SWIFT’s users.

For the above reasons, we have prepared this informational document based on the most common questions and KYC requests we regularly receive from SWIFT users. It is reviewed on a regular basis and updated as applicable.

We trust that this will be helpful and provide you with sufficient assurances across a range of issues. Should you have additional questions, please contact your account manager or the SWIFT sales desk, taking into account the above principles.


Please consult the attached document, for more information about:

  • Usership, shareholding and governance at SWIFT;
  • Oversight at SWIFT;
  • Financial information about SWIFT;
  • Insurance coverage at SWIFT;
  • Practical information to register SWIFT as a supplier;
  • SWIFT contractual framework;
  • Customer insolvency or receivership;


  • Confidentiality, data protection and information security at SWIFT;
  • Integrity, ethics and trust at SWIFT: employee conduct, non-discrimination and well-being, and compliance with specific laws and regulations;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility at SWIFT.
Last update: 
26 April 2019

Information about SWIFT for Procurement and Compliance Departments

Information for third parties
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