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Dynamism in diversity: innovation essentials for the financial services industry

Through a series of interviews with representatives from some of the world’s leading financial organisations, Innotribe examines the way innovation teams from the financial services sector are harnessing innovation. It demonstrates that, when innovation development methodologies are applied in traditional business environments, interesting results occur at unprecedented speed.

The project is supported by a new Innotribe report, “Dynamism in Diversity: The essentials for successful Innovation Teams in the Financial Industry”. The report details current innovation frameworks and best practices for developing innovation programmes across the wholesale financial industry.

In addition to the report, Innotribe will release the different interviews on a weekly basis - in a 'web series' format – running from March to May 2017.

The project started in 2016 and the innovation leaders who contributed are part of the wider Innotribe Anchor Group, a global network of fifty senior executives responsible for core innovation at their respective financial institutions. Launched in 2015, the group was initiated to strengthen exchange of ideas and inspiration when it comes to develop innovation across the financial industry, share priorities, and help drive the agenda of the Innotribe Industry Challenges.