About Us

SWIFT is a global member-owned cooperative and the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services

What we do

Messaging and Standards

SWIFT’s messaging services are used and trusted by more than 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.
Together with our role in standardisation, SWIFT enables secure, seamless and automated financial communication between users.

Products and Services

SWIFT offers a portfolio of innovative products and services that help our users get the most out of SWIFT messaging. Our solutions seek to address challenges faced by the SWIFT community, to reduce risks, eliminate costs and increase efficiencies.

Technology and Operations

SWIFT is at the forefront of innovative application of technology within the financial sector. We retain and hire the best minds and embrace the exciting potential of new technologies; we are committed to maintaining a market-leading platform and to delivering secure and reliable innovative technological solutions.

Information security

At SWIFT, we have an uncompromising approach to information security which we recognise is a key value driver for our customers and a major differentiator of our services.

2017 messaging traffic and operational performance

7.1+ billion 99.999% 99.999% 11,000+ 200+
FIN messages SWIFTNet availability FIN availability Institutions connected
Countries and territories
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Who we are

Mission, vision and values

SWIFT is driven and defined by its vision, mission and three core values: Excellence, Community and Innovation.

SWIFT and data

Privacy is a fundamental commitment at SWIFT, an essential component of our core services and integral to the SWIFT environment.

Organisation and Governance

SWIFT is a cooperative society under Belgian law and is owned and controlled by its shareholders.


General Information about SWIFT shareholders


The latest SWIFT Annual Review and Consolidated Financial Statements.

SWIFT FIN Traffic & Figures

An overview of daily and monthly FIN traffic patterns for the payments, securities and treasury markets.

History of SWIFT

Learn how SWIFT has been serving its community of users for over 40 years.


As a neutral global cooperative, SWIFT is defined by its community of users around the world. At SWIFT we believe we can achieve more together.

Partners & Service Bureaux

With an aim to better serve our community, SWIFT engages in partnerships with providers that offer services and applications for the financial community.

Innovation and Research

Transformational innovation and thought leadership

Public responses

We analyse and respond to legal and regulatory public participatory initiatives. Access our recent responses.


We consider the global nature of SWIFT’s business to be both a privilege and a responsibility. SWIFT cares.


Whether you’re taking the first steps in your career, or looking for a new challenge in an international environment, we can help you realise your vision as part of our future. In the race for a challenging career, there are two winners – you and SWIFT.


This section contains key legal information and documentation related to SWIFT’s corporate, contractual and compliance frameworks.

Media Centre

Visit our media centre to get the latest news from SWIFT. Access our contacts, media galleries and more.